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Stability and Precision are critical for all of your ELR shots.

You care a ton about the quality and optics in your scope. You should care just as much about the quality of the mount holding it. It starts with the construction.


Solid 7075 aluminum construction for added stability.


Precision machining with a 5-Axis CNC machine.


Protected with a hard anodized standard black finish.


Heat treated stainless steel locking plate.


Secured with four (4) hardened steel locking points.

Better Than the Rest


We have 40 MOA and can do others by request.

100% MADE IN U.S.A.

We are proudly made in Bloomington, IN, USA.


Free shipping within the continental United States.

About Us

Developed by ELR Experts

Scott is a long time shooter, hunter, and sportsman who grew up in southern Indiana. While hunting, he wasn’t afraid to take longer shots. Taking the long shots got in his blood and he wanted more of a challenge.

Shooting at ELR distances requires special equipment. After reaching distances out to 2,700 yards he was running out of elevation on the scope dialup. He had to hold off the target to make impacts. So he began to work on a higher MOA scope mount.

This new mount gives a shooter more dial-up in the scope to help to achieve ELR impacts. If you’re looking for more MOA, for your ELR shooting setup, the 70 MOA mount from Defense Solutions, is your perfect choice. God bless America!

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Customer Pictures

Our customers really love their mounts. So much so they have been sending us pictures of them in action. Send us yours.